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Written By Said Arsyad on Senin, 18 Juli 2011 | 04.39

SEO strategy: that is a sample term that carries so much meaning in today’s high-speed, high-tech, and highly competitive world of internet commerce. Once you have your website designed, up and running, you have to generate traffic to it and an effective SEO strategy is the only way to do that. SEO is about improving the volume and quality of customer traffic visiting your website. The research, the development, and the implementation of new SEO advances are all to the benefit of e-commerce and the business community. You have to get people to know about your website, visit it, and make use of what you have to offer. The greatest website in the world is useless if it can’t be found.

Generating Traffic the Right Way

Creating web pages and placing articles in certain key locations throughout the internet are the means of generating that traffic. One key element to this traffic generation is simple honesty. How many times have you typed in a search to Yahoo, MSN or Google and been taken to a website that isn’t appropriate to what you’re looking for? These are the dishonest sites, the ones that use deception to generate traffic. These are also the websites that aren’t destined to stay around for long. That’s not the sort of site you want your business to be. You must firm up your SEO strategy by taking you from a general topic idea to more specific keywords and phrases. It will then also help you organise your SEO strategy through split testing to find the most effective SEO content.

The keywords you generate should be used to write content that is ideal for users. Not only that, the search engines will love the content. Search engines use what are known as spiders to act as web crawlers – some people call them bots, ants and worms. Whatever the terms you use, search engines use these web crawlers to comb through a web page to find the information that a person is looking for.

Wouldn’t it be great to know the correct keywords to get to lots of website traffic and to get that traffic to spend their money? Design some split tests of different keywords and content, to compare which is drawing the most traffic to your website. With this information a high keyword conversions rate can be achieved, shooting a website up the keyword rankings.

But what does SEO technology and keyword phrases mean to you, as a business person, doing business using the internet? It means that when you write that article or newsletter you don’t any longer need to limit yourself to one specific keyword to identify your business, products, and/or services. You can now use a chain of keywords, linked together, in your articles, newsletters, e-book, or any other advertising media.

With today’s technology you can become more specific in your keyword description because SEO is now able to look for chains of keywords, or keyword phrases. Your new doll house sale advertisement might contain something to the effect of: balsa, mahogany, and other types of doll house kits, on sale today. SEO now has the ability to identify specifics like the name of the things, the places, the types of things, the color, and much more.

Using a keyword phrase gives you highly targeted traffic to your website, which should convert to a higher percentage of sales. You ‘trap’ more people because you have some content aimed at each of the keyword they search for, not just one; but also, sometimes people will just enter a very specific keyword phrase in a search engine. Just imagine if you are the only website which is targeted for that specific keyword phrase so you are the only one that pops up on the search results. Guaranteed traffic!

The real key to excellent traffic generation is content. With quality content, you will feature more highly in search engine results. That will potentially give you a lot more traffic. Also, if you have good content, visitors will hang around long enough for you to convert them.
The concept of keyword research is one that is now widely familiar to most people. When it comes to online marketing, knowing which keywords to use can make or break a website's presence on the Internet. Attempting to mine for the right keywords on your own can be time consuming and stressful, which has led to the creation of special tools and resources that are designed to streamline the process. SECockpit is the latest keyword research tool that many are turning to.
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