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Basic Automotive Maintenance II

Written By Said Arsyad on Jumat, 22 Juni 2012 | 21.27

In this episode of Saturday Mechanic, Ben Wojdyla shows you how to perform some more basic maintenance and an oil change on your vehicle. Find out how to do-it-yourself in this week's episode of Saturday Mechanic.

In this episode, Popular Mechanics' Associate Auto Editor Ben Wojdyla:
* Checks the exhaust system
* Checks the suspension
* Checks for tire wear
* Checks for leaks
* Performs a complete oil change

RWM Casters V-Groove Wheel with Straight Roller Bearing 800 lbs Capacity

Written By Said Arsyad on Minggu, 15 April 2012 | 05.51

Image is representative of the product family. Select individual products in the table below for more specific images and product specifications
Image is representative of the product family. Select individual products in the table below for more specific images and product specifications
Product Specifications
Brand Name
RWM Casters
Load Capacity
800  pounds
Number of Items
These items ship for FREE with 2-Day Shipping on orders over $50. (Details)
Want it delivered on Tuesday, April 17? Order in-stock items in the next 1 day 10 hours 13 minutes and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout.

Revvo NY Series 5" Diameter X 1-3/8" Width Nylon Caster Wheel, 595 Capacity

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Specifications for this item
Brand Name
Revvo Caster
Number of Items
Part Number
125 NY04
Wheel Tread Width
1.375  inches
In Stock (8)
This item ships for FREE with 2-Day Shipping on orders over $50. (Details)
Want it delivered on Tuesday, April 17? Order in-stock items in the next 1 day 10 hours 17 minutes and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout.

Safe Network Assurance with Virtual Private Network

Written By Said Arsyad on Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011 | 19.27

As the name it clears that Virtual Private Network, a sort of private network used for communications privately and securely only. But it will be more expensive if someone wants to have their own private network, just to make their own communications and there would be someone to stop or search through personal belongings.

It is already mentioned in above parah that VPN is the best secure way to have a private network setup for personal communication .You can still have your own private network that uses the same public network, which is simply known as the Internet. You might think if you use the public Internet, then how he could be so sure. Well, the answer is that it uses different encryption and security tools for the completely secure and reliable communication. On the other hand these virtual private network that uses different organization. It has no doubt that it is one of the best approaches of complete secure network which assures you that there is no harm to remain always with this network.

Virtual Private Network can be site network or remote access to web site - whatever the condition, you need a specific hardware and software to create a VPN. For example, for each remote user you need a desktop software client, dedicated hardware (a concentrator or secure PIX firewall), a dedicated server for dialup access server to the network for use by a service provider for remote users accessing the VPN, and network and policy management center.

It’s Advantages:

There are endless advantages by using Virtual Private Networks, but some major which including speed, flexibility, privacy, financial and customizability. Whatever the business you have which uses multiple computers, is going to

Speed is also one of major benefit of a Virtual Private Network.

These networks are (especially if they are separated by user groups) will be faster because there is less load on the system. When all computers are connected to a single network, the system can quickly become congestion, which in turn slows the whole system. Using virtual private networks for different user groups means that most social network is only accessible when needed. This increases the speed dramatically.

VPN settings give you the flexibility to move users from one group to restrict access to certain areas and functions. This gives your company a level of security, which also gives you the opportunity to create what you want and how you want. This is also what makes this type of network change.

It also gives you plenty of privacy in the context of the benefits of building such networks. You also want a system that is scalable to your specific business needs.

Virtual private networks required to solve security problems for businesses. Most of the issues related to the secure transmission of data over the public Internet. Greater good of the Internet is the completeness and transparency, but this is the greatest weakness as well. VPN seems to be a solution to the weakness.

Cloud Computing For Business Applications

Advancements in computer technology have increased performance levels and productivity in businesses of all sizes. Increased data speeds and internet usage in conjunction with larger storage capacities and a diverse lineup of electronic devices have brought about a new era in networking capabilities. On the cutting edge of this technology is cloud computing.

What exactly is cloud computing? Through a service provider, cloud computing is a platform that acts as a remote data center where users can access files and software securely through a multitude of devices wherever there is internet access. It is a solution for businesses and individuals looking for an easy way to store and access media from one device to another and the ability to share that media with other people who have been given access.

The cloud computing network may seem complicated, but it can be used by anyone. It is not necessary for the end user to understand the complexities of the infrastructure involved or the networking system and how it works. The interesting and applicable example for comparison would be electricity, where users have access to the service but don't necessarily understand the systems and the component devices, which provide the service.

It is a model, which provides an environment where networks, applications, and storage can be shared by many users with minimum effort. This requires minimal service provider interaction and makes available the pooled computing sources, which can be shared on-demand. This capability to store information remotely opens many possibilities in small business. Without the need to keep programs and files stored locally, a person can now work from a phone, touch pad, or laptop from anywhere, and share their files with anyone else in the company. Cloud computing can also be used as a remote backup, storing an off-site copy of important documents in case data recovery is necessary for computer repair.

Since cloud computing providers deliver online business applications and IT infrastructures, these services can be used without investing a lot of resources. Especially helpful to small and medium businesses, these services have the potential to stop outsourcing by making in-house tasks more affordable, saving both time and money. Offering low up-front costs, complete customization, and IT support options, cloud computing is becoming a competitor in computer networking for small businesses.

This new platform is still an emerging technology, but will help to create a new generation of products and services. Many large companies are investing resources, building infrastructure and exploring the possibilities of cloud computing as a platform. Products and services that were not previously cost effective or viable options for many businesses will be available through these service providers. Sharing of pooled resources will enable users to build real-time connections, making project collaboration and business partnerships more efficient.

This revolutionary computer networking platform made possible by advancements in computer technology will eventually be commonplace in businesses of all sizes. Cloud computing has had a strong and promising beginning, and will most definitely have a lasting impact on business environment, business practices and productivity.

Effective Computer Networking Resources For Small Business Needs

Small businesses often struggle to build and grow, simply because they do not have the capital to invest in technology or software systems that the bigger corporations are using. Computer networking is one of the best ways to start integrating new technology into a small business and will enable any owner to see staggering growth. Prior to moving forward, look into what it takes to set up a secure and stable system and how to benefit from it the most.

Technology is required in order to see any sort of success. If a small business owner does not put up the money for updated technology systems, the entire company is going to suffer. New computer systems should be put into place so that orders can be filled more quickly and employees will have no problem completing simple tasks. These computers can easily be linked together so that all information is shared throughout the entire company.

In order to create a strong business network, affordable hardware will need to be integrated throughout the entire establishment. This is the heart of the network and will keep things moving along. Special systems have been designed such as the Point Of Sale systems, which are used in retail establishments and even restaurants. Orders and inventory can easily be organized and updated throughout the day with the most effective hardware.

With everything put into place properly, the entire workforce will come together and communicate in a whole new way. The system is designed to continuously update so that all information is current at all times. Fewer kinks will arise and in turn, the company revenue is going to increase dramatically.

To ensure that the business computer networking connection is always secure, most companies are working with IT companies specializing in managed services. These are professionals who have the technical expertise as well as tools that can pinpoint and repair any computer networking or hardware-related issue. Owners need to do background checks on various services providers before entering into a service contract.

Since companies are now reaching out in brand new ways, a strong mobility connection needs to be established. Employees who go out into the field on a daily basis will need to have hardware that will enable them to place orders and integrate into the base station. Tablets are being used, as well as smartphones that offer numerous helpful applications and tools.

Information sharing instantly gets easier with the use of computer networking solutions. Different program options have been set up and offered to numerous companies that all require diverse aspects to become successful. Owners should look into professional services that can offer top notch and up-to-speed hardware as well as mobility options that can easily help companies branch out more.

Small business growth is not possible without the help of computer networking and management. Using a system that helps everyone work together and keep data organized is a great way to get on the fast track. Look for reputable computer service providers and computer networking techs that can help ensure that risk of major downtime occurrences is diminished.

Take the Box off Your Head

Written By Said Arsyad on Senin, 18 Juli 2011 | 05.03

When I began my journey towards the understanding of Third Q, my life was not worth much. My expectations and my achievements were severely limited. My thinking was boxed in, and I suspect that yours is, too.

My comfortable existence in some ways reflects the way many of us live our lives. We feel safe in our own little worlds. We are afraid of stepping outside our boundaries. Even though an amazing world of joy and success awaits us on the other side, we are often unwilling to break free of our self-created boundaries.

It's as if each of us lives our life in a box. However, none of our boxes are the same. Some are larger, some are smaller; some have thicker walls, and some have thinner walls. And interestingly, it seems that people with the most wants, needs, and desires tend to live in tiny boxes that tend not to grow through the years. But limitations are not reserved for those who are poor or unhappy. Even millionaires live in a box. Theirs may be larger, but their boxes are no less limiting. In fact, Max, my mentor, told me once that the same mind it took for him to become a millionaire was not the same one that he needed to become a billionaire. He needed to break out of his millionaire box.

This discussion of mental boxes is more than just a metaphor. The constraints we create in our heads are as real as the walls of a cardboard box; not only do they keep us contained, but they also keep us from seeing what's outside. Fortunately, unlike a cardboard box, the walls we create in our minds are flexible. And as a consequence the more knowledge and openness we bring into our box, the more we can expand the box and thin its walls. Truly enlightened people have large boxes with ultra-thin walls like a balloon, and some, like the Dalai Lama, actually shatter the boundaries of their boxes. Once you realize this truth, you can endeavor to gain the skills necessary to grow your box and, in turn, expand your reality.

As an exercise, cover your head with a box. Leave it there for at least five minutes. Think about the limits of your experience inside the box. What can you see? What are you missing?

Now, take the box from your head. What do you experience? A sense of freedom? Joy? An appreciation of the world around you?

Close your eyes and reflect on your thoughts. Do you find that certain factors are limiting those thoughts? Try to fill your mind with thoughts that are free of the bias of others, thoughts that serve you, thoughts that empower you, thoughts that expand your

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